Livie and Who?

Olivia (livie) is presently 4 and a half and three quarters years old, but is prone to getting bigger every day. She just can’t help it. She has tried standing on her head, and walking backwards and only eating one kind of food for months. When she feels like being bigger right away she wears mommy’s shoes, drinks out of not one but three straws, and instead of walking takes jumping leaps and bounds, speaks in grown-up and stands on all things precarious.

Livie loves books, playing stuff and watching people, and playing with her friends at her Brooklyn alternative school (the RAD school). She is a princess, poet, dramatic actress, artiste extraordinaire and beanbag chair philosopher; coming up with irreverent musings daily, such as:

“Mama, have you ever noticed that I am not particularly fond of birds?…”
“Ouch, I stubbed my grown up toe!…”
“Mama, have you ever noticed that sometimes I don’t always do the right thing? Like today when I hit Colette with a toy train?.

But her favorite thing ever is her partner in mischief and little westie, “bad dog Bailey” (boo for short). Her other favorite thing is playing dress-up, all depends on her mood…

Good thing her mommy, Chantal, opened up this little shop close to home in Brooklyn full of fresh, quality pre-loved freshly-clean and steamed funky clothes at really affordable prices. Chantal spent lots of years (pre-Livie days) heading up the merchandising departments of Club Monaco, Urban Outfitters, Anthropologie and Burberry. She decided to combine her design, fashion and mommy skills with her husband’s web-savvy gained at one of the local digital agencies HUGE to open up a place where livie and boo and all their friends would be welcome to come and shop, sell and swap really cool clothes and discover new, brain-boosting toys.

livie and boo (the shop), is a place where children are not only seen, but are heard and encouraged to be the individuals they are.

We opened up shop at 613 Vanderbilt Avenue the summer of 2010.

Hope to see you soon!

Love and licks,

livie & boo